How to update Ubuntu's Kernel only

公開日:2019/12/31 更新日:2019/12/31
How to update Ubuntu's Kernel onlyのサムネイル


This article show you how to update Ubuntu's kernel using ukuu(Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility).

About ukuu

The following is the repository of ukuu.

As written in the official documents, ukuu has following features.

  • Fetches list of kernels from
  • Displays notifications when a new kernel update is available.
  • Downloads and installs packages automatically

I have installed it and it was very easy to use. I used the article below as reference.


The following is my environment and premises.

  • OS : Ubuntu18.04
  • Kenel ver: 4.15.0-43-generic
  • Laptop:Thinkpad X1 Carbon 2018 model

Check the kernel version

First, let's check kernel version using uname command.

$ uname -r

-r option show release number only.

Install ukuu on Ubuntu

We need to add the repository of ukuu first.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:teejee2008/ppa

Then, just install ukuu by apt.

$ sudo apt-get install ukuu

By the way, apt update will be executed automatically after you execute add-apt-repository since Ubuntu 18.04. So you don't need to execute apt update after you add repository. Now you are all set.

Update kernel using ukuu

From the aplication menu, you can search 「ukuu」and you can see ukuu's icon like the following. please click the icon.